Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog Post #12

Hi Follower(s),

     At this point in my 20 time project journey, I have finished all three of my mini projects and am almost done with my ending TEDx speech.  So this post is about reflection about myself during the project and what I learned throughout it.  In the beginning of this project, I was just like my father, I had no skill with tools at all, I couldn't even use a drill or hammer properly.  Now I would call myself skillful with using a drill, hammer, screws, nails, a miter and circular saw, paint, and wood glue.  Through each of my projects, I have learned a new skill(s) and improved on skills that I have learned in previous projects.

     I first learned how to use a drill and a miter saw, as well as screws and nails, properly along with 2 by 4s, plywood, and pvc pipes which I used to build my backyard ski ramp and rail.  Then I learned how to use wood glue and wooden dowels along with my previous skills of using the saw, drill and screws, to make my second project, the picture frame storage holder.  The last things that I learned was how to use paint and how to put in a shelf using wall brackets, in my third project, the ski storage/shelving rack.

    Throughout this project, I learned that I enjoyed fixing and building things, like I did in all three of my mini projects.  I am now the go to person in my family if something breaks and needs to be fixed or something needs to built.  I am grateful for this opportunity that this project gave me.  It gave me a new hobby that I never would have gotten without 20 Time.  I have learned and built throughout this year long project, a project that I am truly grateful for.

See Ya