Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post #11

Hi Follower(s),

      During Spring break I did make progress on my ski storage rack, finishing it off by putting the brackets in the wall and the shelf on top, which I am very happy about.  Unfortunately I didn't really make any progress on turning my backyard winter ski ramp into a summer ski ramp, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks that will get done.  The big announcement in this blog is that I am switching from blogging about the progress of my project, to the 8 minute talk that wraps up the project.
      There are two options for the talk: the first being a talk that sums up my 20 time project and what I learned from it, and the 2nd option being a totally unrelated science-based talk called a TEDx Talk.  While the first option seems like the easier option because I can talk about my project that I did all year,  I have chosen to try the 2nd option and hopefully be able to take the talk and use it in TEDx GPSHS, which is in early June.  The topic I have chosen for this TEDx talk is climate change.  I have chosen to center my talk about climate change but also include the negative effects it is having on my true passion, skiing.  I have one month until the tryout to see if I will have a spot at TEDx GPSHS, so I have one week to research, one week to write the speech, and two weeks to memorize it, which I hope will be enough time.

     See Ya!

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