Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog Post #9

Hi Follower(s),

       In the past two weeks since my last blog post, I have gone to the hardware store, aka Home Depot, and gathered the supplies for my ski rack project.  I got wooden dowel, 2 by 4s, a stud finder, and shelf brackets.  In this new mini project, I am using skills I learned in my first two mini projects, the ski ramp/jump and the picture frame holder. I learned how to use 2 by 4s, screws and the miter saw during my ski ramp project. I learned how to use wood glue, a hole drill bit, and wooden dowels with my picture frame holder project.  I will combine all of these skills, and hopefully improve them with my third project.
     Every time I write about this project I always say that I will be done in a month, however I haven't started building it yet.  In one month I will have Easter Break, meaning an entire week to work on my project.  By the end of break I will for sure have this project done, plus have all of the bits and pieces tied up from my first two mini projects.  Unfortunately, this mini project will probably be my last, since I have to have time to write and memorize my speech. Can't wait to start!

See Ya!

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