Monday, March 23, 2015

Blog Post #10

Hi Follower(s),

     In the past two weeks since my last blog, I have not accomplished much on my ski rack/storage mini project, however, in those two weeks, I have thought up a new potential mini project.  The first thing I built was the backyard ramp and ski jump, which was great for use in the winter, since the snow helped to bridge the path from the bottom of the ramp to the jump up to the rail, and this path was about 10 feet long.  I loved using the ramp and jump so much, that I want to be able to use it in the summer as well.  To do this I need to connect the jump up to the rail with wood and turf, that way I will be able to keep enough speed to slide the entire rail.  The turf and water will act as the "snow" and help me keep speed.  I would like to get this new potential project along with the ski rack/storage project done by the end of spring break.  I am not going anywhere over spring break, so that gives me nine whole days to work on these two projects, hopefully enough time to finish both.

     Unfortunately, these will be my last two projects of the year for me because I have to write and perform a talk about my 20-time project, so I will have to put aside time for that.

   See Ya!

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