Monday, February 23, 2015

Blog Post #8

Hi Follower(s),

        I have to be honest, not much has happened in the two weeks since my last blog.  The whole past week I have been off of school.  During the school break I first went up north to Nub's Nob to ski for three days and then my mom, cousin, and I went out to Montana for 5 days and we skied 3 days at a resort called Big Sky.  I was only home one day of break and that day I worked at the bakery, which is my job, so between skiing and working I had almost no time to work on my project.
            However that being said, I still managed to do a little bit.  I was able to create a shopping list for my next mini project, a ski storage rack/area.  I need a stud finder, wooden dowels, 2 by 4s, paint, drywall screws, latex caulk, and foam.  Most people when storing their skis hang the skis from their tips, however this the wrong thing to do, it damages the tips and the camber of the skis.  Instead, I am going to store the skis sideways, so they are laying flat. This won't damage the skis at all.  I hope to finish this ski storage project in the next month or so, but it depends on how busy my weeks are.

    See Ya!

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