Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post #7

 Hi Follower(s),

      Since my last blog post, I have finished my second mini project, which is a picture frame storage holder. It's purpose is to help organize and store all of the picture frames in a house. I made it out of wooden dowels, 2 by 2 pieces of wood, and wood glue.  This project was considerably easier than my first project, my backyard ski ramp, but I did learn new techniques of carpentry, like how to use wood glue and a hole drill bit, which is my goal.

         My next mini project is building a ski storage unit in my basement. This storage unit will consist of places to put a couple pairs of skis, a shelf or two to put ski boots and ski clothes on, and a couple of hooks for helmets and jackets.  Right now my skis, boots and ski clothing are very disorganized and strewn all around my basement.  By building this storage unit, all of my ski stuff will be in one place and everything will be much more organized and easier to find.  I am going to mount the storage unit onto the wall so it gets everything off the floor and looks less cluttered.

        I hope to get a shopping list together for this new project by the time I write my next blog post, because next week is winter break and I am going to be skiing everyday during break except one so I am not going to have much, if any, time to work on it in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully in the next month to month and a half I will complete it.

See Ya!

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