Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blog Post #4

Hi Follower(s),

       I have made an executive decision about my 20 time project; instead of designing my own skis, I am going to learn more about and explore carpentry.  In the two weeks since my last blog, I thought about my project, and the more I thought about it, the more it didn't make sense to me.  I have a brand new pair of skis that I got over the summer and if I went through with my original project, I would have another brand new pair of skis, which I really don't need.  Another reason that I decided to change my project was because designing and building the custom skis would cost $1200, which is very expensive, and it seems foolish to spend that much money when I already have a new pair of skis.

   For the past year or two I have wanted to learn more about building things and carpentry.  I think that being "handy" is an important skill and it is a skill that I want to learn.  20 time seems like a perfect opportunity to learn about becoming "handy".  Over the past two weeks I have started a building project with the help of my neighbor.  We are starting to build a backyard ski setup, which includes building a tower, a ramp, a jump, and a metal or pvc rail.  This is a very big building project for me to start out with, but I have wanted to build this for a while.  My neighbor is good with tools so I want to learn everything I can from him during this project.  I also want to take a building/carpentry class to learn more.  I want to build one or two big projects and lots of smaller ones.
   For some people this project seems really boring, but it is something that I want to learn how to do, which is what 20 time is about.  Hopefully in my next blog I will know what projects I will be building.